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Are you a solo artist, duo or band in Newcastle or elsewhere in the North East? Are you interested in some free advertising?

We’re always looking for new bands and artists to publicise on this site – you don’t have to sign anything, it’s not an agency deal or any kind of bookings contract… just if someone asks us, “Hey, do you know of a band that can do such-and-such?”, we can say, “Hell yeah, check out Band X – they’re ALL about such-and-such and you can find their biog on my website!”

The idea is to have a mutually beneficial relationship with as many bands and artists as possible, to increase traffic on our site and, most importantly, to make sure that local, talented musicians have somewhere online to call home (or a second home) to have their gigs, services and biographical information publicised for as many people as possible to see.

Just shoot me an email on rob@sessionsnewcastle.com and we can add you to our featured acts. You’ll get a biography, gig schedule and as many photos as you like on our site, and we can give you editing privileges too so you can update everything yourself… or if you’d prefer, just tell me when you’ve got a new gig or a few photos to add to your gallery, and I’ll stick them on there for you.

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2 Waters/Kinley

Rob Waters and Chris Kinley are the co-founders and partners in Sessions Newcastle, but also performers in their own right. Rob is available as a solo performer for covers gigs and originals alike, with a very extensive repertoire of songs from the 1960s to present day, using a high level of jazz and classical training as well as self-development on both guitar and piano. The real fun starts, though, with the Waters/Kinley duo act. Chris is a drummer by trade but has dulcet tones as a vocalist and is an accomplished self-taught guitarist with an excellent rhythmic, percussive playing style. He also has a large repertoire of covers and originals and can be hired solo upon request.





Waters/Kinley duo shows

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Rob Waters solo shows

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Chris Kinley solo shows

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0 Gareth Beddard

Gareth’s distinctive sound is a blend of dynamic foot-tapping acoustic six string guitar and deep husky southern vocals developed over many years of live performances. Initially having a few lessons at 10 years old, Gareth broke away as a self taught musician and singer. Writing his first song at 11 years of age, he continued to develop playing in his local bars and grabbing any chance to perform. Gareth is now a regular performer in many music venues in the north east of England and is becoming a well recognised face within the local music scene. Genre-wise, Gareth plays acoustic rock-blues with a flavour of Americana. He was influenced greatly as a child by his grandfather, Wilf, who regularly played organ in the working men’s clubs and arcade in his home town of Ashington. Wilf taught Gareth to read music but most importantly how to improvise and play music by ear. His improvisational skills credit him greatly, allowing him to change the sound of well known tracks into the styles of blues and rock.

Gareth is inspired by artists such as Shawn Mullins, Darius Rucker, Jon Bon Jovi and The Derek Trucks Band. These influences can all be heard in his unique style.

After his recent marriage to his wife Christine, Gareth will be releasing a brand new track “Honey Smile” written for his wedding day with his best man, Nathan Cochrane from H.E.D. This will be available on iTunes in the very near future and will be followed by an album after a short while.

Gareth currently works part-time as a postman in Ashington to fund his life, allowing him to concentrate on playing as many gigs as he can fit in, including a regular residency at Allard’s Lounge in Tynemouth on a Wednesday evening. He covers an extensive range of music by well known artists with his own twist.

Gareth and his wife are planning on hitting the south coast of Europe in the near future to experience gigging in some new towns, meeting new faces and embrace their love for travelling. Gareth is most certainly a growing artist on the rise with a bright future ahead!


Gareth’s shows

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Gareth Beddard

0 Jake Houlsby

Jake Houlsby is a 20 year old Indie-Folk act from the north east. Having racked up gigs in venues such as The Sage and The Cluny, Jake’s unique voice and intricate guitar playing have built him a loyal fan base, with Spark Sunderland describing his live performances as ‘truly immersive and relaxing.’

Lyrically, he cites Neil Young as a big influence “When I first heard ‘After The Goldrush’, I was blown away by how much he managed to say so much in so few lines. The way he put it too, it felt so personal.” Musically, however, his background is a varied one. Brought up on the guitar-driven music of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, it wasn’t until the age of fifteen that he decided to sing. From then on, artists such as Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake and Robert Johnson helped him discover the artist he was.



Jake’s solo shows

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Jake’s open mics

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Jake Houlsby